The Stratis Risk Leaders

Stratis Risk Solutions Insurance Services LLC (Stratis Risk Solutions) was founded in order to provide dedicated risk management solutions that address the diverse needs of the healthcare community. We work to individually get to know our clients in order to assess and fully understand their risk and risk appetite. By doing this, we’re able to use our expertise to design customized insurance and reinsurance programs. This addresses the unique needs of each client in a healthcare marketplace that’s turbulent and ever-changing.

Stratis Risk Solutions is driven by a passionate and experienced team of industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in a broad range of healthcare reinsurance and insurance. Leading the team are:

Mark Angard, our President, has been a leader in the healthcare industry for nearly 30 years. For over 18 years, he ran a national managed care practice for a large national consulting firm (Willis Towers Watson). For 6 years, he’s been Stratis Risk Solutions’ President, growing the business significantly and expanding the company’s initial product offerings. During that time, he has focused on ensuring that each and every Stratis Risk client receives the highest quality customer service and attention.

Tel: (818) 661-4220
CA License No.: 0796446

Rick Rock, our Chief Administrative Officer, has worked for more than 22 years at building strong and successful companies, brands and products in healthcare, specifically with risk-bearing entities such as IPAs, ACOs and health plans. As Stratis Risk Solutions’ Chief Administrative Officer, Rick has spent his time directly working with reinsurers and clients ( such as regional HMOs, health systems, physician groups) nationwide to analyze and structure insurance/reinsurance programs, including program placement and negotiation.

Tel: (818) 661-4224
CA License No.: 0K89863

Our leadership drives the collaborative and analytical approach that powers the entire Stratis Risk Team. This moves us to focus on completely understanding our clients’ business model and core objectives, which provides a solid platform for optimal results. We believe in doing everything within our power to ensure that our clients receive the exceptional service they truly deserve.