June 2017 Newsletter

Understanding the next wave of Medicare Enrollees Approximately 26 million baby boomers will age into Medicare through 2030. As they do, will health plans be ready to capture and retain them? Many researchers describe two groups within the Baby Boomer generation: "leading edge" and "trailing edge." Trailing-edge Boomers are the

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May 2017 Newsletter

CMS seeks to attract more patients, docs to ACOs The CMS is trying to boost patient and provider participation in accountable care organizations by automating the process to pair patients with doctors enrolled in the care models. In the coming weeks, a Medicare beneficiary can go to a website that

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March 2017 Newsletter

Exciting Changes at Stratis Risk Solutions We are excited to announce that our Sales and Marketing Team has grown, with the arrival of Myla Rivera. Myla has more than 16 years' experience in both healthcare and insurance. She is a graduate of CSU - Los Angeles. Myla will oversee Stratis'

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