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Stonebrook Risk Solutions

Stonebrook Risk Solutions (SBR) is a new and cutting-edge healthcare delivery model that is both disruptive to the marketplace and financially compelling. SBR is designed for self-funded employers to utilize Regional Health Plans (RHPs) and provider networks across the country to create a better solution for managing their healthcare costs. By aligning “best-in-class” providers into a national solution, the SBR offering is a highly competitive model compared to national health plans and offers a new, innovative solution to multistate, self-funded employers, which is currently an $16 billion market.

What Makes SBR Unique?

National Network

  • Offers RHPs a national presence
    • Affiliation with other RHPs with similar goals
    • Allows RHPs to market and sell to new multistate employers through administrative services, software analytics and risk sharing
  • Gives employers what they want
    • One solution for multiple markets
    • Single touch point for managing benefits and claims with common: administration, reporting, data analytics, insurance invoicing

Innovative IT Platform

  • Cloud-based solution designed to link “best-in-class” providers together with a fully integrated real-time, rules-based, open architecture IT platform
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis suite
    • Highly customizable to unique administration needs of each provider system
  • Minimal IT resources required by RHPs
    • Accepts data in a broad range of formats
  • Capable of processing claims from areas without an RHP presence

Competitive ESL Pricing

  • Algorithms and Web portals to determine best repricing solution
  • “Best-in-class” strategic partners
  • Long-term, direct reinsurance relationships

Ability To Validate Competitive Outcomes

  • Full decision-support tools
  • Evidence-based risk management software
  • Aggregated data from central data warehouse

SBR will act as the hub for RHPs and providers to form a single option for self-funded employers. Employers will have the ease of a single administrative function, while SBR seamlessly handles the coordination needed to allow all of the RHPs and providers around the nation to serve employees. SBR will create a new national solution for RHPs supported by a comprehensive IT platform that has not been successfully implemented before.

Company History

Stonebrook was founded in 2010 by Mark Angard. Mark is a seasoned healthcare/insurance professional with over 30 years of experience. Stonebrook’s Management Team and Advisory Board is comprised of some the industry’s leading healthcare executives including but not limited to:

  • Health plan CEO’s
  • Healthcare solutions (IT) executives
  • National Network Executives
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • ACO presidents
  • Health system leadership
  • Healthcare law and policy experts

Stonebrook has also selected a series of strategic partners, each of whom have an excellent brand presence and track record for success in the healthcare marketplace and is dedicated to the long-term build-out of this competitive model.

Contact Us

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TOLL-FREE: 800-381-7849
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