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Property and Casualty Reinsurance

From natural disasters to various catastrophes, property and casualty claims can carry a large financial impact to any organization. One way to manage this risk is through property and casualty reinsurance to supplant potential losses over and above existing liabilities. This is especially the case when many of these types of catastrophic events, such as tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes, occur sporadically, but carry a devastating impact.

When reviewing property and casualty reinsurance, organizations can opt for proportional or non-proportional coverage. Proportional coverage involves an agreement in which the insurer and reinsurer share all risks, losses, and premiums proportionally. Meanwhile, non-proportional coverage is designed to provide protection from a single large-loss event. The experts at Stratis Risk can help identify which of these two approaches most the most sense for your business and risk appetite.

Guidelines for Property and Casualty Reinsurance

  • Do you have a large number of policies concentrated in a certain geographic area?
  • Do have insure locations in areas prone to major weather events?
  • Do you need to look for ways to reduce required reserves?
  • Are you looking to grow into new regions?

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