Managed Care Liability

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Managed Care Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is essential for managed care organizations, which is why Stratis Risk offers comprehensive solutions specific to the risks and challenges these organizations face. The challenges in today’s healthcare world are ever-changing and complicated, from concerns around network design, as well as the complexities of the regulations laid out by the Affordable Care Act. Stratis Risk understands these risks and challenges, giving us a unique perspective into how we can help structure a comprehensive liability coverage that matches your organizations’ needs and goals.

Central to a comprehensive risk management strategy is coverage for Errors and Omissions (E&O) and Directors and Officers (D&O) liability. E&O plans provide coverage against allegations of negligent care, as well as operational allegations of improper administration of medical services, billing, or other aspects of managed care provision. D&O plans provide an additional layer of coverage to protect the individual directors and officers of a managed care company. D&O coverage helps reimburse them for losses, as well as the cost of legal defense if an action is brought due to accusations of their wrongdoing.

Guidelines for Selecting Managed Care Liability Coverage

  • Do you have a large organization and network of doctors and officers?
  • Are you contractually obligated to support your providers and executives in the cases of allegations of misconduct?
  • Is your marketplace highlight litigious?
  • Does your organization deal with a large number of complaints?
  • Do you feel that you have adequate coverage today?

If your organization is named in a medical malpractice claim, managed care liability coverage is a must to mitigate the various risks the managed care industry faces on a daily basis. For more information about managed care liability insurance, contact Stratis Risk Solutions today