HMO Reinsurance

Coverage for the complex needs of HMO’s

HMO Reinsurance

HMO Reinsurance is one of the most effective ways for managed care organizations to manage risk while protecting their operating capital and ability to serve. With a comprehensive reinsurance plan, organizations are better equipped to handle catastrophic claims and bring financial stability and planning to their business.

When looking at reinsurance options, it is important to understand that not all plans have similar risk profiles, and that solutions for one organization may not be the most beneficial for another. This is where the experts at Stratis Risk are able to help. Stratis Risk learns about your business and tailors a reinsurance program that best fits your organization’s needs. For example, some health plans may benefit from different retention and co-insurance levels, while others may see benefits from increasing liability limits. Stratis Risk can craft the right solution for your organization and is able to then access its extensive nationwide network of reinsurers to find the most cost effective and competitive reinsurance products that provide optimum coverage and protection. Following are some of the guidelines Stratis Risk uses in order to better understand your organization and the level of reinsurance that you may need:

Guidelines for Selecting Reinsurance

  • What is the severity/frequency of insurance claims at the various deductible levels?
  • Where are the majority of contracted providers located and what are their contract characteristics?
  • What is the member type, as well as the overall risk profile?
  • How effective are the plan’s managed care programs?
  • What is the underwriting margin and expected results?
  • What are the budget considerations, as well as the risk tolerance level?
  • What is the overall mission of the plan and the financial strength of the company?

Stratis Risk prides itself on providing customized levels of coverage to suit our clients’ individual needs. To get more information about HMO reinsurance, contact Stratis Risk Solutions today