Employer Stop Loss

Comprehensive safety net for self-insured employers

Employer Stop Loss

An increasing number of employers are choosing to self-fund healthcare benefits for their employees, exposing them to the risk of financial loss caused by catastrophic claims. That’s why Stratis Risk offers employer stop loss reinsurance. While traditional medical insurance covers employees, employer stop loss insurance acts as a safety net for employers. Also known as excess insurance, stop-loss insurance is an excellent strategy for self-insured employers to avoid financial pitfalls caused by catastrophic claims that exceed pre-determined levels. These can be high claims from a single individual (often referred to as Specific or Individual Stop Loss) or protection from a large number of claims within a contract period (Aggregate Stop Loss).

Guidelines for Selecting Coverage

  • Do you need a highly customizable plans to suit individual goals and needs?
  • What levels of specific and aggregate coverage does your organization need?
  • How flexible are you on different deductible levels and contract periods?
  • What options do you prefer for funding, renewal, rate cap, and termination?
  • Are you aware of any health care reform laws that put limits on specific coverages?

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