Exciting Changes at Stratis Risk Solutions

We are excited to announce that our Sales and Marketing Team has grown, with the arrival of Myla Rivera. Myla has more than 16 years’ experience in both healthcare and insurance. She is a graduate of CSU – Los Angeles. Myla will oversee Stratis’ sales and marketing initiatives.

How Hospitals Respond to Changes in Medicare Reimbursements

Prospective Payment System (PPS) with incentives might be what the hospitals need as part of their cost containment strategies. Hospitals that are providing the best quality care in high paying diagnosis-related groups will definitely attract more patients! Read the Entire Article here

Aligning Health Plan and Providers

Working Together to Control Cost While the Affordable Care Act improved access to coverage for many Americans, the recent Presidential election has created uncertainty about the future of this law. Whether access comes through subsidies on Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges, expanded Medicaid, or other legislative solutions or we return to higher levels of uninsured, health care spending per covered person will continue to be a challenge. How will continued health care cost increases be paid for, and how can these increases be dampened? Read the Entire Article here.

Clinical Documentation Improvement in the Health Care Industry

As the delivery of health care and reimbursement methodologies evolve, the importance of a holistic clinical documentation improvement program becomes evident. Requirements of clinical documentation and accuracy of data are essential in achieving quality and cost-saving outcomes, regardless of place of service or health care setting. Read Entire Article here.

Premium Reminder!

We would like to take this time to remind you of your upcoming premium payment due date. Please remit your premium payment along with the remittance form by no later than the 15th of the month. This ensures that the carrier receives your payment on time and there will be no lapse in your policy or coverage. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

At Stratis Risk Solutions Insurance Services, LLC, our business is understanding your business and applying our industry expertise to achieve “best in class” risk solutions. We use a collaborative and analytical approach to assist your business with reinsurance strategy and program design, placement of provider excess and HMO reinsurance, alternative risk financing solutions, employer stop-loss solutions, pharmaceutical purchasing and management solutions, claims management and program administration, catastrophe exposure management, and much more!