Reinsurance: Dying… or in a Golden Age?

Catastrophes have put pressure on the industry, but focusing on recent results is to overlook fundamental changes in the nature of risk in the 21st century that could benefit the world’s major reinsurers, with opportunities unlike any seen before in the modern history of reinsurance. Read more here.

Insurers set to hike premiums and rethink selling individual plans

In a blow to health insurers, the House on Thursday passed a $1.3 trillion, two-year omnibus spending bill that didn’t include funding for cost-sharing reduction payments or a federal reinsurance program. Insurers had been lobbying hard to get something included in the massive spending bill. Absent that lifeline, insurers will likely be raising premiums and rethinking their participation in the individual market in 2019. Read more here.

Sen. Collins: Health insurance rate increases were avoidable

This fall, millions of Americans who are already struggling to afford health insurance will once again experience double-digit premium increases because of election-year politics at its worst. What is most regrettable is not only that those increases could have been prevented but also that the cost of health insurance actually could have declined by as much as 40 percent in the individual market over the next two years. Read more here.

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