August 2017 Newsletter

Link Between Rising Generic Drug Prices and Market Competition Levels There is an association between the rising generic drug prices and the changing levels of market competition, according to a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Many patients utilize and rely on generic drugs for their medication needs, but

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April 2017 Newsletter

CMS seeks to attract more patient's docs to ACOs The CMS is trying to boost patient and provider participation in accountable care organizations by automating the process to pair patients with doctors enrolled in the care models. In the coming weeks, a Medicare beneficiary can go to a website that

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January 2017 Newsletter

Liability costs drive up long-term care bills Life Health Pro U.S. long-term care provider liability costs amounted to about 3 percent of what Medicaid paid for a nursing home bed in 2015, or $2,350 per occupied long-term care bed. In Florida, the state with the second highest liability cost ratio,

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