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April 2018 Newsletter

Reinsurance: Dying... or in a Golden Age? Catastrophes have put pressure on the industry, but focusing on recent results is to overlook fundamental changes in the nature of risk in the 21st century that could benefit the world’s major reinsurers, with opportunities unlike any seen before in the modern history

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March 2018 Newsletter

As Trump Pushes Medicaid Testing, the Grading Falls Short The Trump administration is hoping to transform Medicaid by allowing states to test work requirements, premiums and other conservative policies, but a new government report says federal and state officials do not properly evaluate whether such experiments improve patient care or

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September 2017 Newsletter

Minnesota Finds a Way to Slow Soaring Health Premiums MINNEAPOLIS - Last fall, as consumers in Minnesota were facing health insurance rate increases of 50 percent or more, Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, said the Affordable Care Act was "no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people." The state's top

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March 2017 Newsletter

Exciting Changes at Stratis Risk Solutions We are excited to announce that our Sales and Marketing Team has grown, with the arrival of Myla Rivera. Myla has more than 16 years' experience in both healthcare and insurance. She is a graduate of CSU - Los Angeles. Myla will oversee Stratis'

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