Carve-Out Solutions

Supplemental insurance for every practice

Carve Out Solutions

A carve-out insurance plan is designed to cover a specific (and typically very costly) service or medical treatment for certain diseases. This is intended to supplement regular insurance coverage, which does not cover higher-priced medical treatments and services. Such as include organ transplants, care in burn units, neonatal care, vision care services, dental care services, specific pharmaceutical treatments, as well as mental health care. For employers, carve out solutions can effectively reduce the cost of providing health insurance to their employees, while also ensuring important all-inclusive coverage.

Considerations When Purchasing Carve Out Solutions

  • Does our company want to provide coverage for all types of treatments?
  • Do we have employees with expensive pre-existing conditions that need coverage?
  • Is our business a high risk business where catastrophic events may occur, such as in mining or construction?
  • Does our existing insurance provide coverage for certain types of expensive treatments and services??

We can work with you to customize carve-out insurance solutions that are the right fit for your organization. To get more information about carve-out insurance solutions, contact Stratis Risk Solutions today