Captive Insurance

Manage risk as a licensed insurance company

Captive Insurance

Stratis Risk specializes in Captive insurance solutions for those organizations that are interested in creating a licensed insurance company to provide coverage for themselves. This is an alternative to self-insurance and is a strategy for those looking to better manage pricing fluctuations and are in need of more specific types of plans. With Captive insurance, companies are able to write their own policies, set premiums and decide how they want to return any unused funds, such as through profits or other investment strategies and vehicles. To better understand whether Captive insurance is a good idea for you, contact the team at Stratis risk and we can take you through the process and help you understand your options.

Guidelines for Selecting Captive Insurance

  • Does your organization have the need to insure more specialized and difficult risks?
  • Do you have subsidiaries that can benefit being under the same insurance umbrella?
  • Do you want more control over pricing?

Stratis Risk prides itself on providing customized levels of coverage to suit our clients’ individual needs. To get more information about HMO reinsurance, contact Stratis Risk Solutions today